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Green Building Directory - Sustainable Construction

Green Building Construction

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Green Building:

GreenBuilding.com Logo

GreenBuilding.com - Provides green building information for homeowners and contractors. Covers sustainable construction methods and technology. Offers green building certification training.

BuildingGreen.com - Provides accurate, unbiased, and timely green building information designed to help building-industry professionals. Provides a comprehensive report of the product features needed in order for a product to be considered green.

BuildItGreen.org - Offers Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP) training program for CA home Builders and promotes green building practices in state California. Also, Contains Ask an Expert Section where you can get answers to your Green Building Questions.

Green Home Building:

GreenHomeGuide.org - Green Home Building and Energy Efficient Home Improvement Community for homeowners in the US.

GreenHomeBuilding.com - Provides information about sustainable architecture and natural building by Kelly and Rosana Hart.

ZeroEnergyProject.org - A marketplace connecting homebuyers, builders, designers and real estate professionals with resources for advancing the net zero energy home building adoption and growth.

Metal Construction and Green Building:

Design and Build with Metal

DesignandBuildwithMetal.com - Offers educational articles on advantages of metal construction, providing real life examples of numerous construction projects involving the use of metal. Contains directory of metal supply and manufacturers. Contractors working with metal can submit their projects to be published on www.designandbuildwithmetal.com.

MetalConstruction.org - Metal Construction Association promotes the use of metal and sustainable design through marketing and education programs. Provides metal construction industry news and publications. Lists companies specializing in metal wall and roof construction and includes list of premium metal fabricators.

CoolRoofs.org - Cool Roof Rating Council assigns ratings of solar reflectivity to roofing products such as metal roofing and solar reflective membranes. It provides accurate and credible methods for evaluating and labeling the solar reflectance and thermal emittance of roofing products. Thus, it promotes awareness of energy efficiency concept for metal roofing and rolled membrane products. It recognizes manufacturers as Cool Roof Certified, which in turn helps them gain competitive edge in energy efficient and sustainable roofing products market.

MetalRoofs.org - A consumer education resource dedicated to residential metal roofing and metal wall panels for homes and living structures. Contains overview of materials, systems, and pricing information.

Metal Construction News

MetalConstructionNews.com - Metal construction industry's original and most widely read news magazine. It helps educate contractors, fabricators, installers, suppliers and distributors about the use of metal in building systems, new and retrofit roofs, wall panels, interiors and decorative applications.

Solar and Renewable Energy:

American Solar Energy Society

ASES.org - American Solar Energy Society promotes energy efficiency strategies and methods by hosting solar events, educating homeowners and organizations. Contains business directory of Solar Contractors.

Solar Energy Industries Associaton

SEIA.org - SEIA is the national trade association for the U.S. solar industry, promoting solar policy and advocating for the advancement of solar energy.


EnergySage.com - EnergySage is the leading solar marketplace connecting homeowners with local PV solar installers. EnergySage provides solar consumer education through easy to understand articles, videos, and solar savings calculator, helping homeowners make well-informed decisions and save 20% on the cost of a new solar system.

Green Jobs:

Green Jobs Network Logo

GreenJobs.net - Green Jobs Network promotes jobs in green building industry, renewable energy, and environmental sectors.

Construction Industry Resources:

ToolBase.org - Provides detailed construction industry guides can be used by homeowners conducting a research on any particular construction topic. Home improvement contractors can look up remodeling design information.

AllConstructionDirectory.com - Directory of residential and commercial construction companies, suppliers, and manufacturers. Provides basic information about the cost of residential construction and remodeling upgrades in the US.

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